Hop On The Hellbilly Train To Sin & Satanville

In der Juebox:

Gin Gillette – Train To Satanville
Lee Denson – Devil Doll
Johnny David – Race With The Devil
Bill Fadden & The Rhythmbusters – Devils Ride
Marcel Bontempi – Burry All My Troubles
Jimmy Minor – Satan’s Chauffeur
Steve Bledsoe – Bang, Bang You’re Dead
Don Johnston – The Whipmaster
Buddy Howard – Devil Dream Song
Billy Barton – The Devil, My Conscience And I
Johnny Tylor – Devil’s Slate
Marcel Bontempi – Race With The Devil
Marie Roberson – Hell Bound Train
Buddy Long – It’s Nothing To Me
Steve King – Satan Is Her Name
Holly Golightly – Devil Do
Zero Jones – Wrestling With Satan
Pokey La Farge – Devil Ain’t Lazy
Glen Barrow – Hades Highway
Ralph Hart & The Texas Musical – Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down
Jack Leonard – A Visit From The Devil


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