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#226 RockvilleRadio 25.01.2018: Best Of Boogie, Billy’n’Beats 2017


Neelz On Wheelz & Beat Baerbl mit ein paar Lieblingsplatten aus dem Jahr 2017

In der Jukebox:

Pierre Omer’s Swing Revue – Belzebub
The Loire Valley Calypsos – Big Load Of Coconut Water
Royal Flush – Time To Bop
Wayne Starday’s Trailer Kings – Go Home Letter
Automatic City – Satisfied
The Kaw-Ligas – Flying To Fez
Marcel Bontempi – Bury All MY Troubles
Spo-Dee-O-Dee – Drinking Wine
The Deadbeatz – Ride’n’Roll
The Rhum Runners – Tortuga
Ray Collins Hot Club – Bugs In My Teeth
TT Syndicate – Between A Rock And A Hard Place
DLDGG – Die Welt braucht mehr Leute so wie Dich
The Dukes Of Hamburg – Heidi-Heidi-Ho (Minnie the Moocher)
King Salami & The Cumberland Three – Nosebleed Boogie
The Masonics – Come On My Little Darling
The Dragtones – Ballad Of A Broken Man
King Khan – Born In ‘77
The Woggles – Luminol Test


Hier gibt es noch mehr Jahresrückblicke

#224 RockvilleRadio 11.01.2018: An den Decks mit Neelz und Baerbl Pt. 2 – The RockabillyRumble

Der Rockabilly Rumble-Mitschnitt von Neelz On Wheelz & Beat Baerbl, live vom Topdeck Market am 10.9.2017

In Unserer Jukebox:

Marcel Bontempi – Bury All My Troubles
Charlie Hightone – Bop A Little
Louvin Brothers – Red Hen Hop
Troyce Key – Watch Your Mouth
Deke Dickerson – Train With The Rhumba Beat
Pike Cavalero – Cavalero Stomp
Pike Cavalero – Black Hearts Club
Charlie Hightone – Carrot Pie Mama
Ike & The Capers – Interstate Fizz
Hank Davis – Salamy
Charlie Rich – Midnight Blues
Ronnie Hawkins – Southern Love
Wanda Jackson – Funnel Of Love
Gene Pitney – Bosses Daughter
Mel Tormé – Secret Agent Man
Gene Vincent – King Of Fools
Sanford Clark – It’s Nothing To Me
Jack Scott – I Never Felt Like This
Gene KcKown – Ghost Memories
Glen Goza – The Box
Johnny Horton – Lovers Rock
Marcel Bontempi – Black Cat
Bobby Fuller – I Fought The Law


Den ersten Teil der TopdeckSession gibt es hier

#220 RockvilleRadio 14.12.2017: Platten entstauben mit Neelz

Neelz spielt unerhört Ungehörtes und Platten die schon ne Weile im Regal standen…

In der Jukebox:

Screamin‘ Jay Hawkins – Hong Kong
Joe Henderson – Snap Your Fingers
Jim Burgett – The Living Dead
Wanda Jackson – Whirlpool
Lola Lola – Superstition
Dick Flood – Hellbound Train
Willie B. – Bad Mothin‘
Jackie Jocko – Haunted lover
Ray Smith – Makes me feel good
Johnny Horton – The devil made masterpiece
Gene Ski – Six Foot Down
Roy Hall – Three alley cats
Freddy Cannon – Cuernavaca Choo Choo
The Loire Valley Calypsos – Big Load Of Coconut Water
Ben Hewitt – My search
Lonnie Donegan – Cumberland gap
The Johnny Otis Show – Casting my spell
Frank Gorshin – The Riddler
Anthony Purdy – Nocturne
Los Banditos – Pik Ass
Los Banditos – Terrorgefahr auf der B7

Mixcloud Link: Check

#218 RockvilleRadio 30.11.2017: Doing The Blues Trash Again

Neelz On Wheelz & Beat Baerbl Doing The BluesTrashAgain

Look What’s In The Box:

Marcel Bontempi – The Clock Strikes 3
Loire Valley Calypsos – Take Her To Jamaica
Automatic City – Satisfied
The Guitaraculas – The Box
Wayne Starday’s Trailer Kings – Go Home Letter
The Deadbeatz – Ride’n‘ Roll
Juke Joint Pimps – Don’t Push That Button
The Puta Madre Brothers – Todo El Asunto
Elvis Pummel & Tex Napalm – Ring Ring Says The Bell (Ding Dong Say My Balls)
Jonny Kurt vs Hank The Tank – Bereit
Omar Romero – You May Run
Daddy Long Legs – The Stranger Rides Tonight
Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers – Ain’t Got A Legs To Stand On
Honeyboy Slim & The Bad Habits – Ride The Lightning
King Salami & The Cumberland 3 – Stuttering Sue
The Masonics – Out Of the Darkness
The Dukes Of Hamburg – Talkin‘ Bout You
The Routes – Bleed You Dry
Mikrowelle – Blast Out
The Legendary Shack Shakers – Hoboes Are My Heroes

Mehr Blues Trash

#217 RockvilleRadio 23.11.2017: Crazy Tunes

Neelz On Wheelz spielt euch crazy, weird & psycho Musik

In der Jukebox:

Porter Wagoner – Rubber Room
Eddie Noack – Psycho
Wendell Austin – LSD
Johnny Carrol – Crazy Little Mama
Johnny Burnette – Flea Brain
Bill Haley – Crazy Man, Crazy
Crazy Teens – Crazy Date
The Bikinis – Crazy Vibrations
Gene Vincent – Crazy Beat
Wild Wax Combo – Mad Dog Mama
Tami Neilson – Loco Mama
Ray Collins Hot-Club – Crazy
Cherry Casino & The Gamblers – Crazy Baby
The Caezars – Mad Man
The Dragtones – Insane
Carlos & The Banditos – You’re Crazy
Los Banditos – Psycho
The Cramps – Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs
The Meteors – Rockabilly Psychosis
Johnny Frankenstein und die cosmic Gender Benders – Das Hirn
Batmobile – S.P.O.C.K.

More on:

#213 RockvilleRadio 26.10.2017: Monsters A Go-Go Doing The Graveyard Twist

Der jährliche HalloweenMaskenball mit Neelz & Baerbl steht an, get ready you Ghouls’n’Fools!

This Years Spooktacular Menue:

Don Hinson & The Rigormorticians – Phantom Of The A-Go-Go
Peter Igelhoff – Wer Fährt So Spät Durch Nacht Und Wind
Gene McKown – Ghost Memories
Merv Griffin – The Screamin‘ Meemies From Planet X
Lord Luther & The Kingsmen – I Was A Teenage Creature
The Idols – The Prowler
Marcel Bontempi – Haunted House
Ray Stevens – Laughing Over My Grave
Marcel Bontempi – Satan Is Her Name
Jack Marshall – The Munsters Theme Song
Larry & The Blue Notes – Night Of The Phantom
Casey Jones & The Governors – Jack The Ripper
Los Peyotes – Serial Killer
The Guitaraculas – The Shadow Knows
Freddy & The Hitchhikers – Sinners
The Crewnecks – Rockin‘ Zombie
Miss LL (Louis Louis) – The Monster Miss
Jackie Morningstar – Rockin‘ In The Graveyard
The Woggles – Zombie Stomp
Pierre Omer’s Swing Revue – I Saw A Ghost


Die kompletten Protokolle unserer Geisterbeschwörungen gibt es hier

Oder direkt hier

#212 RockvilleRadio 19.10.2017: Satan’s Jukebox

Hop On The Hellbilly Train To Sin & Satanville

In der Juebox:

Gin Gillette – Train To Satanville
Lee Denson – Devil Doll
Johnny David – Race With The Devil
Bill Fadden & The Rhythmbusters – Devils Ride
Marcel Bontempi – Burry All My Troubles
Jimmy Minor – Satan’s Chauffeur
Steve Bledsoe – Bang, Bang You’re Dead
Don Johnston – The Whipmaster
Buddy Howard – Devil Dream Song
Billy Barton – The Devil, My Conscience And I
Johnny Tylor – Devil’s Slate
Marcel Bontempi – Race With The Devil
Marie Roberson – Hell Bound Train
Buddy Long – It’s Nothing To Me
Steve King – Satan Is Her Name
Holly Golightly – Devil Do
Zero Jones – Wrestling With Satan
Pokey La Farge – Devil Ain’t Lazy
Glen Barrow – Hades Highway
Ralph Hart & The Texas Musical – Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down
Jack Leonard – A Visit From The Devil


Weiter mit dem Rockabilly Train geht es hier

#205 RockvilleRadio 31.08.2017: Hipshaking’n’Heartbreaking Vol.V

Neelz On Wheelz & Beat Baerbl versorgen rezeptfrei gebrochene Herzen und steife Hüften…

In der Jukebox:

The King’s IV – Summertime
Glen Mason – Shadrack
Bob & Lucille – Demon Lover
Pierre Omer’s Swing Revue – I Saw Ghosts
Johnny Kidd – I Want That
Etta James – Just A Little Bit
Dorsey Burnette – Hard Working Man
Nina Simone – Work Song –
Jimmy Ricks – Daddy Rollin‘ Stone
The Rhythm Kings – Exotic
Jack Scott – I Never Felt Like This
Davey Bee – Linda Lee
The Barbarians – You’ve Got To Understand
Don Sargent & The Buddies – Voodoo Kiss
Peggy King – Up Up Up
Merle Kilgore – Lover’s Hell
Charles Sheffield – Is Your Voodo Working
Ed Townsend – Cherrigale
Otis Blackwell – Oh What A Wonderfull Time
Lee Rogers – Trouble
Kay Martin – Fever
Rose Mitchell – Baby Please Don’t Go

Check out Part 1-4 Heartshaker’n’HipBreaker

Oder lauscht hier den kompletten HeartShaker’n’HipBreakers

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#202 RockvilleRadio 10.08.2017: A Rockabilly Rumble At The Rockville Saloon

Neelz On Wheelz & Beat Baerbl laden zum RockabillyRumble

In der Jukebox:

MARCEL BONTEMPI – The Headless Horseman
DICKIE LOADER – Teen Machine
SANFORD CLARK – It’s Nothing To Me
STORMY GAYLE – Flipsville
BILLY FURY – Don’t Jump
DON JOHNSTON – The Whipmaster
KEN & CAROL CRAIG – Silvercoin
JACK SCOTT – I Never Felt Like This
BOB FRYFOGLE- Six Feet Under
GENE PITNEY – The Bosses Daughter
CONWAY TWITTY – Long Black Train
DANNY WELCH – Riding Shotgun (in A Hot Rod Car)
RIC CARTEY – Born To Love One Woman
JOHNNY BOND – All I Can Do Is Cry
JOHNNY HORTON – The Train With The Rhumba Beat
JOHN LEYTON – Johnny Remember Me


#198 RockvilleRadio 13.07.2017: The Notty-Late-Night-Special

Unser wöchentliches Schäferstündchen vom 13.7.2017 als mitternachtlich-musikalisches Stelldichein

In der Jukebox

FRANCO RUNA – Komm, Little Girl
JOHNNY KIDD – More Of The Same
ETTA JAMES – I Just Want To Make Love To You
BETTY EVERETT – You’re No Good
CARMEN McRAE – Whatever Lola Wants
SCREAMIN‘ JAY HAWKINS – I Put A Spell On You [Alternate]
ELKE SOMMER – (Be Not) Notty
LAYA RAKI – Oh Johnny, hier nicht parken
FAY RICHMONDE – My Pussy Belongs To Daddy
BLOODSHOT BILL – Bongo Beatin‘ Baby
MERV GRIFFIN – The Screaming Meemies…
APRIL STEVENS – Teach Me Tiger
STEREO TOTAL – Dactylo Rock


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